Calls to action CTA Google Ads

Strong calls to action (CTA)

One of the best things you can do for digital marketing (whether paid or grants-based) is build strong calls to action for your users. In most cases, this means building custom campaign landing pages for each advertisement.

What is a call to action (CTA)?

A CTA is a big, bold, and obvious action you want to user to perform – typically in the form of a big, obvious, brightly colored button.

In the case of a non-profit advertisements, there are a few calls to action you may want your users to perform:

Example Calls To Action

  1. First and foremost, donate! Be careful if using grant funds to power your search advertisements. There are strict rules around eliciting donations. Contact us today if you need help setting up a compliant request for donations through your search grant.
  2. Volunteer! Of course you want people to come help you power your charity with more boots on the ground. Typically, it makes sense to geo-target volunteers. You wouldn’t realistically expect someone to drive too far to join you.
  3. Calendar of events. Maybe they’re not ready to volunteer today, but they might be interesting in the future. Perusing your upcoming events may lead to them bookmarking something in the future that caught their eye.
  4. Contact us. As a catch all for additional questions and opportunities, always give a clear and simple way to contact you. Instead of providing an email address, consider using a built in contact form. Track this with analytics to see how often your visitors are performing this action. Then, optimize your ad campaigns with that data.

If you’re ready to get started with a fully optimized and compliant Google AdWords grant for your 501(c)(3) charity, be sure to contact us today!