Negative keywords list Google Ads

Negative keywords in Google Ad Grants

Negative keywords are an important optimization to perform on any Google Ads program. They help you avoid unwanted and sometimes costly traffic that can strain your budgets and not bring anything in return. But what about in a Google Grants account, when there is no direct cost? Is it still worth the time and effort to add negative keywords?

There are a few reasons your time and effort are well spent creating both account-wide and campaign-specific negative keyword lists, based on your searched queries reports.

Benefits of Negative Keywords

  1. Avoid truly unwanted traffic. It’s important to monitor searched queries for any “bad apples.” You never know what someone may search in conjunction with one of your broad match keywords. Keep an “Adult Topics” negative keyword list across the entire account to filter out unscrupulous searchers from arriving on your website.
  2. Preserve your click-through-rate (CTR). Google Ad Grants require you to maintain at least a 5% CTR on all ads. If your ads are serving for unrelated or off-topic searches, your CTR can suffer. Then you run the risk of falling out of compliance.
  3. Control your messaging. Negative keywords can help you zero in on which ads serve for which keyword groups. Occasionally, your keyword sets can overlap and you’ll lose control over exactly which ad shows for a broad keyword. Negative keywords can restore the mutual exclusivity of your ad groups.
  4. Stay off of competitors branded keywords. Depending on your services or name, you may find other nonprofits nearby with similar names showing up in branded searches. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to show your ad when people are looking for closely related organizations. But, you can avoid missing out on some clicks by purposefully negating branded terms that are not your own.
  5. Avoid running out of budget early. Your daily budget of $329 should go pretty far. Unless you have a large geographical footprint, or a lot of highly sought after programs, budgets typically aren’t a limiting factor. However, if yours are, that’s a great problem to have! You can use negative keywords to make sure you aren’t wasting your grant dollars on terms that don’t produce a high conversion rate.

Negative keywords are an important part of any ad program. This is true whether your advertising dollars come from a grant or your own pocket. If you need to optimizing an existing account, or start from scratch, contact us today!