Google Ad Grants requirements 2018 Google Ads

New Google Ad Grants Requirements coming in 2018

Google recently announced that Ad Grants recipients must hold their accounts to a higher standard than was previously required. If you are running ad campaigns for your non-profit, check to see if you are out of compliance. You may even consider pausing or removing existing campaigns to bring your account back into alignment. New regulations include:

  • Maintain a click-through ratio (CTR) of 5% or more
  • No keywords with a quality score below 2
  • No single-word keyword

You can no longer “set it and forget it” with your campaigns. Instead, you must continuously monitor performance and pause or adjust campaigns that are not providing sufficient click-through or quality scores. Ultimately, this may result in reduced traffic from previous years, but hopefully the remaining traffic is higher relevance.

Non-compliance for two consecutive months will result in the immediate suspension of your account. This is not something you want to get wrong! If you need help adjusting or maintaining your program, or are thinking about starting a digital marketing campaign for your charity, contact us today.

For more information, see Google’s official help section on Google Ad Grants requirements.