Holidays raise charity awareness Google Ads

Using holidays to raise charity awareness

One important aspect of charity digital marketing is knowing your holidays. Which holidays and charitable events will naturally drive searchers to find your organization?

During certain holidays, searches for “How to donate,” or “Where to volunteer,” will organically peak. If you can create specific messaging for your charity, you can help capture some of this rising tide. Even if your charity doesn’t have a specific program centered around a particular holiday, you can take advantage.

Look at trends for searches for “Thanksgiving” over time (via Google Trends). Not surprisingly, there is a lift leading up to the holiday. There is a huge spike that week, and then relatively little the rest of the year.

Setting up ads around “Thanksgiving 2017 Charitable Donations” or “Volunteer this Thanksgiving 2017” can raise awareness for annual programs. Being aware of every major holiday and event near you can give you several beneficial boosts throughout the year!