Flip the Brain Client Profile

Flip the Brain

I normally limit my clients to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits. When Flip the Brain approached me to help them with SEO on their site, I had to make a small exception. This business is for profit, but they design their products to help educators, therapists, and the medical community understand brain function. They in turn can use this product to explain things better to their patients.

So what is “Flip the Brain?”

Flip the Brain produces actual 3D, tactile models of the human brain. They are all stitched into felted “pages” that are labeled and show different physical or functional sections of the brain. In addition, they have bolt-on extras that you can affix to the base brain for specific issues or topics. Things like overcoming trauma, grounding through the senses, and self regulation.

Flip the Brain Left Brain
Flip the Brain – Left Brain modeled

In addition to the felted 3D brain models, they also have educational materials and host conferences. At these conferences you can meet with other professionals and share knowledge around brain function and therapeutic best practices. If you are in the field, or could use an educational brain model, check them out today: FlipTheBrain.com