Flip the Brain

Flip the Brain

I normally limit my clients to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits. When Flip the Brain approached me to help them with SEO on their site, I had to make a small exception. This business is for profit, but they design their products to help educators, therapists, and the medical community understand brain function. They in turn can use this product to explain things better to their patients.

So what is “Flip the Brain?”

Flip the Brain produces actual 3D, tactile models of the human brain. They are all stitched into felted “pages” that are labeled and show different physical or functional sections of the brain. In addition, they have bolt-on extras that you can affix to the base brain for specific issues or topics. Things like overcoming trauma, grounding through the senses, and self regulation.

Flip the Brain Left Brain
Flip the Brain – Left Brain modeled

In addition to the felted 3D brain models, they also have educational materials and host conferences. At these conferences you can meet with other professionals and share knowledge around brain function and therapeutic best practices. If you are in the field, or could use an educational brain model, check them out today: FlipTheBrain.com

Presenting Elevate North Texas

Elevate North Texas Youth Shelter is a new nonprofit servicing the whole North Texas area. They are focused on eliminating homelessness in the youth population through three programs:

  • Host Homes: Volunteers open their homes for short-term hosting to help at-risk youth get back on their feet.
  • Hotel Vouchers: Emergency shelter can be provided via hotel vouchers to get youth off of the street for a time while other options are explored.
  • Reunification & Diversion: It’s not always an option, but when it is, intervention with family can eliminate the situation leading to homelessness.
Elevate North Texas

Around 2 million youth run away and experience homelessness each year. And with only 4,117 beds available nationwide for youth, the need is great. But Elevate North Texas is aiming to put a dent in those numbers in their community and could use your help!

Of course you can donate or volunteer, but they’ve also put together a list of great ways you can get involved virtually.

North Texas Giving Day 2020

Today is North Texas Giving Day – an 18-hour long fundraising push for nonprofits in the North Texas area. Over 3300 different nonprofits have registered with the organization to receive donations through this event and their website. You can search by county, city, cause area, demographics served, organization size, and more.

Visit NorthTexasGivingDay.org to search and pledge donations directly to the causes that resonate the most with you. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of nonprofits have seen an increased need. Unfortunately, that has coincided with a decrease in their typical revenue streams. This virtual event is a great way to revitalize organizations. Your dollars go directly to those doing the most impactful work on the ground in your community.

Choose to Love, Inc. Website Launch

I am proud to help announce the launch of a brand new website and non-profit, Choose To Love, Inc. Their mission is to ensure that children of low-income and marginalized communities have a fair chance at achieving their full health and wellness potential.

Have you ever heard the term “social determinants of health?” In a nutshell, it describes all of the things outside of the doctor’s office that play a role in your well being. Everything from school to home cleanliness to regular nutrition. For low-income kids, a lot of times these factors pit them in an uphill battle towards healthy living.

Choose To Love, Inc. aims to change all that. Through community generosity, they will be able to schedule home visits and determine the best course of action for each case. If a child suffers from asthma everything from a new vacuum cleaner to smoking cessation programs could be offered.

Choose To Love, Inc.

It’s a wonderful cause and a message I was proud to help bring to the world through their new logo and website, ChooseToLoveHealth.org. Take a look, learn more about their flagship program, and help spread the word!

Dallas Hope Charities Collective Hope Coalition

Dallas Hope Charities announced this week the creation of a new LGBTQ suicide prevention program – Dallas Hope Coalition. This is the first of its kind for a couple of reasons.

First, the focus is local. Other resources operate at the national level, but the idea is to keep a focus on Dallas County. Second, they will aim to eliminate or mitigate underlying causes of suicide in addition to intervention or prevention. This includes addressing everything from food insecurity to housing needs. This is especially important for the LGBTQ community who can often find themselves suddenly homeless (and hopeless) if coming out to their families does not go well.

This fits well with the overall mission of Dallas Hope Charities to provide food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and Hope For All.

To learn more about the Collective Hope Coalition, or to view volunteering or donating opportunities, visit DallasHopeCharities.org.

Dijon Marketing Logo

Dijon Marketing’s Registered Trademark

Dijon Marketing’s logo is now federally registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is protected against anyone else using it. While this might seem like overkill for a small brand, it was an interesting challenge that I wanted to work through in case future clients had need of such protection.

The first step is to fill out the paperwork and pay the fees associated. You can register under multiple different uses for free, but each category of use will cost you an additional fee. Dijon Marketing is registered for graphic design, web design, web hosting, and digital marketing. That spanned two different categories and raised the price a bit.

Be aware that as soon as you file, that is public information. Your inbox and mailbox will soon be flooded with offers from law offices to help you navigate the registration process. Chances are you won’t need any help, but if you do, try to find someone who did not solicit your business from your public listing.

There’s a good chance your original request will be rejected. You will have to provide further clarification on your submission. I had to explicitly state that I was not attempting to trademark the word “Marketing” by itself, and also that the color of the logo was not part of the trademark.

Then all it really takes is time. Start to finish, I spent about 8 months total waiting for the certificate to come in the mail. It may not make sense, or be in any way necessary for your organization to trademark your logo, but if it ever does, having been through it once, I feel confident I could give some good advice to help you on your way.

VoyageDallas features Dijon Marketing

On June 5, 2019, VoyageDallas released a story highlighting Dijon Marketing. They profile as many inspiring stories in Dallas as they can. It was an honor to spend some time answering their questions about the business. I enjoyed relaying some success we’ve seen in the nonprofit space in and around the city. Click below to see the full article:

Meet David Fisher of Dijon Marketing in Oaklawn | VoyageDallas.com

Working with several different charities around town has allowed us to connect them to each other and to a wider audience in the DFW metroplex. This gives them the volunteers and resources to continue to improve the lives of those most in need right here in our community. That has been truly humbling and my proudest moments at Dijon Marketing.


Thank you to the staff at VoyageDallas for providing the opportunity to tell a bit of the Dijon Marketing story! This will help us connect even more good people to people doing good!

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day

To say I underestimated the power of North Texas Giving Day may be an understatement! We saw huge turnouts on ad campaigns running on related keywords in the weeks leading up to NTX Giving Day. But, the actual day itself (and day after) have been true record breakers.

North Texas Giving Day clicks

One charity upped their grant spend by about 33X on a single day. This reached the daily spending cap of the grants program! Not only that, but we saw impressions, clicks … and most importantly, conversions … go to new record levels.

It’s great to see efforts galvanizing our community into a day of charitable giving pay off in the data. The right campaigns in the right place ensured our charities got the maximum benefit!