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Presenting Elevate North Texas

Elevate North Texas Youth Shelter is a new nonprofit servicing the whole North Texas area. They are focused on eliminating homelessness in the youth population through three programs:

  • Host Homes: Volunteers open their homes for short-term hosting to help at-risk youth get back on their feet.
  • Hotel Vouchers: Emergency shelter can be provided via hotel vouchers to get youth off of the street for a time while other options are explored.
  • Reunification & Diversion: It’s not always an option, but when it is, intervention with family can eliminate the situation leading to homelessness.
Elevate North Texas

Around 2 million youth run away and experience homelessness each year. And with only 4,117 beds available nationwide for youth, the need is great. But Elevate North Texas is aiming to put a dent in those numbers in their community and could use your help!

Of course you can donate or volunteer, but they’ve also put together a list of great ways you can get involved virtually.