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Integrating Social with your website

In order to drive the most traffic and authority to your website and domain, you should always think of your online presence as an entire ecosystem. When it comes to social, try to avoid creating distinctly different and separate entities for each social platform. It isn’t hard if you change your mindset from one of “I’m maintaining a Facebook page for my organization,” to “Facebook is one way for people to find my website.

Think about these scenarios:

  • You’ve just written a blog post promoting a charitable program that your organization leads. You want to get that message out to as many of your followers as possible, so you cut and paste that post into a Facebook message. What would be better? Instead, write a teaser. Give the first few sentences or a general theme with a “to read more, click here” at the end. This will funnel people to read the full story on your website where you have more control over their next action.
  • You are trying to promote your calendar for upcoming events. Instead of posting an even on Facebook or putting all of the details into a post, try linking to your events calendar. This gives people the ability to look a head, see other upcoming events, and may lead to more volunteer hours.

Any time you can drive people to your website, it strengthens your domain overall and can eventually lead to a snowball effect of more, free traffic landing on your site when people are searching for relevant phrases. Try changing your thoughts from maintaining separate engagement platforms to an integrated approach. If you need help putting together a holistic strategy, you know where to turn – Dijon Marketing!