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How to un-suspend your Twitter account

I have had a Twitter account for Dijon Marketing for years, despite never having tweeted. The primary reason I got it was so nobody else could – a little brand protection. I have an all but unused Instagram account as well. Some day I may choose to share content on either of these accounts like I do regularly on Facebook.

But when I logged into my Twitter account for the first time in a couple of years, I was met with a message telling me my Twitter account was suspended. Possible reasons included:

  • Posting spam
  • Leaving my account unsecured
  • Abusive tweets

Well certainly none of those described me!

The first thing I did was ensure I had a backup email address and phone number. Just in case it was a security issue. I already had both set. Then I clicked the button to contest my account suspension and filed an appeal.

Within 2 minutes, I had received an email that my account had been reviewed and unlocked for my use. If you find yourself in a similar situation, follow the prompts to contest it. If there is a real issue or if there has been a violation of the terms of service, they will let you know and you can work to remedy it from there.