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Facebook Business Manager Account Conversions

If you run a small business or nonprofit, chances are you’ve already explored or even realized the benefits of a presence on Facebook. You can create a Facebook Page for your organization, assign multiple administrators, and start sharing posts and collecting followers. If you’ve made it that far, congratulations! Leveraging social connections is a great way to extend the reach of your charity. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, however, you’re going to need a Facebook Business Manager account.

Advanced Permissions

A Facebook Business Manager account is set up under the business entity – so your personal Facebook account won’t be the sole owner. There are advanced user permissioning options in a business account as well. So everyone who once administrated your Facebook Page can continue to do so uninterrupted. But you might want to give different users different levels of permission, and you can control that through Business Manager. You can also grant Partners access to your page, which is helpful when an agency is employed. You can grant (or revoke) Partner status without explicitly giving individuals from the Partner agency personal access.

Facebook Business Manager

Business Ad Account

You will also get a Business Ad Account. If you’ve take advantage of the Boost Post option in Facebook, you’re already half way there. A Business Ad Account gives you more information and control over your boosts. But it also opens up a whole new world of advertising options. You can set up, run, monitor, and report on official ad campaigns – big or small. You can create a Facebook Pixel to embed in your website so your ads can see what the visitors Facebook sent you did on your website – and how to optimize the delivery for better results automatically.

Integrated Facebook/Instagram

Another benefit is advertising across both Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have an Instagram account? No problem! With a Facebook Business Manager account, you can still advertise on Instagram. Or if you do have an Instagram account for your organization, you can link it to your Facebook Business Manager account and incorporate it into your ad strategy and metric reports.

Advantages for Nonprofits

Lastly, if you are a certified 501(c)(3) charity or nonprofit, you can set up your account as such. This allows you to host fundraising events directly from posts, boost, or ads. You can also allow others to fundraise on your behalf. You might have seen this trend recently where individuals will set up a fundraising target for their birthday or other event, and Facebook will report on the progress to their goal. At the end of such a fundraiser, all the proceeds go directly to the nonprofit – FREE of fees!

If you’re ready to incorporate Facebook and/or Instagram ads into your overall digital marketing strategy, start by converting your existing assets into a Facebook Business Account (https://business.facebook.com). If you need help with this conversion or want some help developing a campaign strategy and execution, contact Dijon Marketing today.