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Using AdWords Query Language (AWQL) for Google Grants Compliance

The AdWords Query Language (AWQL) is an invaluable tool for managing an AdWords account at scale. Once your charity’s Google Grants program has matured it will include many different campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Keeping track of your compliance with the Grant terms can be a manual nightmare. Luckily, there are some very easy scripts you can use to monitor and correct any non-compliant keywords or ad groups.

One of the newest rules forbids ads on keywords with a quality score of 1 or 2. This means that your keyword, ad copy, and destination content don’t align well. A keyword quality score only appears after your ad has run a sufficient number of times. The click-through rate will also influenced the final score. The more people who find your ad relevant, the higher your quality score will be. Consequently, your bids don’t need to be as high either.

Find all keywords with a quality score below 3 using one get() request with a few defined parameters:

function main(){ 
  var lowQualityKeywords = AdWordsApp.keywords() 
  .withCondition("QualityScore < 3") 
  .withCondition("Status = ENABLED") 
  .withCondition("AdGroupStatus = ENABLED") 
  .withCondition("CampaignStatus = ENABLED")

  while (lowQualityKeywords.hasNext()){ 
    var kw = lowQualityKeywords.next();
    Logger.log(kw.getCampaign().getName() + 
    " - " + kw.getAdGroup().getName() + 
    ": \"" + kw.getText() + "\" " + 
    kw.getQualityScore() + "/10"); 

This script parses enabled Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords (ignoring paused) and list any with a quality score below 3. It then outputs to the logger window a list in this format:

Campaign Name – Ad Group: “Keyword” 1/10

You have two options once you have a full list of all low-quality keywords. You can pause each one to regain compliance. Or, you can investigate each ad and landing page to attempt to improve the score to 3 or above.

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