Best Practices

Volunteer Management System Features

Almost every nonprofit charity lives and dies by its volunteers. As your organization grows, eventually you are going to need to find a way to manage those volunteers. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the task, that’s a great problem to have! Online volunteer management systems, like Volgistics or BetterImpact, come with a host of features to make the life of a coordinator easier.

Reasons to have a volunteer management system

  1. Maintain a single source of truth for volunteer contact information and availability that users can update themselves as needed
  2. Use a centralized communication platform. Your message arrives in print, email, or text format at the preferred recipient address.
  3. Empower volunteers to self-schedule. They can view available time slots, assign or remove themselves, and free you from the task
  4. Recognize, reward, and celebrate milestones in volunteering

After you’ve implemented a volunteer management system, it frees you up for more important tasks. Let volunteers manage their own data and scheduling. You can set up a sign-in kiosk or just auto-crediting hours to individuals. Then you can gamify things like adding badges to name tags or sending out birthday or hour-milestone emails automatically. The benefits of an online, secure, self-service portal definitely justify the cost, so take a look at some options today!