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Submit all website versions in Google Search Console

To ensure comprehensive visibility into your domain’s performance, Google recommends creating five variations of your domain:

  1. http://example.com
  2. http://www.example.com
  3. https://example.com
  4. https://www.example.com
  5. example.com

While this may appear redundant, it can be beneficial for several reasons. First, Google treats http and https as distinct sites, necessitating monitoring of both variations. Additionally, registering both www and non-www versions enables you to specify your preferred URL format to Google.

Depending on your verification method, you should be able to add all four variations without further verification steps. The DNS entry method is preferred due to its lower likelihood of accidental deletion.

Once created, these views can be consolidated into a single ‘set.’ Simply select ‘Create a set’ on the homepage, add all four URL variations, assign a name, and view consolidated data by selecting the set instead of individual URLs. The relatively newer option to create a domain asset can span all 4 of these variations, but it’s still a good practice to set up the four because it can be used to set some directives and specifically subdivide your traffic for troubleshooting.