Google Ad Grants Compliance Report Google Ads

Google Ad Grants Compliance Report

This week, Google Ad Grants for AdWords sent users a compliance report for the new stipulations see forth in a January 2018 update to terms and conditions. Some of those checks included:

  • Complete Grant recipients’ survey
  • Total CTR higher than 5%
  • At least 2 ad groups per campaign
  • At least 2 ads per ad group
  • No quality scores below 3/10
  • No single-word or generic keywords

Google outlined these new rules before the new year. However, at that time, it was not clear how closely they would be policed. It was also unclear how violations would be communicated. Now is a good time to review your keywords, ad groups, and campaigns for compliance.

If your Grants program falls outside the new rules for two consecutive months, you risk going dark until the problems are corrected.