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Continuing education with Udemy

One of the best things we can do for ourselves, our careers, and our hobbies, is to be continuously learning. And one of the best places to do this is at Udemy.com.

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I will start by saying that this is not a sponsored blog post. I’m not affiliated or compensated by Udemy in any way. I’ve just found their platform to be filled with fantastic eLearning content. And trust me, I am extremely critical when it comes to bad content being mislabeled as “eLearning” when it is, in fact, recorded webinars.

I have taken two courses so far with prices ranging from $12-$19, they certainly don’t break the bank. They are split into manageable chapters so I can keep track of my progress while spending an hour here, 30 minutes there. They come with instructor led videos, downloadable assets, and self-paced content.

One thing I am especially guilty of is learning something, and then mentally checking it off. Javascript, CSS, web design, WordPress – check, check check. While all around me things are changing, new features are added, new best practices are shared. And if I stay stagnant, stubbornly doing things “the old way” the only one who suffers is me. So I’ve pledged to spend this year taking courses over topics I feel like I already know well. Honing my skills or finding new shortcuts to success is my goal. But as soon as I run out of courses in that effort, I’ll start picking new ones to learn.

With over 155,000 courses to choose from, there is definitely something for everybody. Check it out today!